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Who We Are

With everything, and in all ways, we are continually choosing to align our community with the heart of God for His church. Our vision, mission and values help us do that. They help us navigate the dangerous waters of human agenda, and keep all our steps aligned with His. They help ensure that we always remain a picture of the Church Jesus died to establish.

Our Vision

We're imagining more and more people immersed in their community as walking-worshippers. People are coming alive in intimacy with Jesus as they learn to engage with Him in the everyday moments of their lives. They are coming alive with a passion for His Kingdom that unleashes them to be life-givers in their natural sphere of influence. As a result more and more people are coming to saving faith in Jesus and learning what it means to be His disciple. His follower. The result? God is multiplying everything! New and more relationships, life-giving faith, powerful community & more transformational churches… for His glory.

Our Mission

We are helping people find and follow Jesus.

Believing that real life begins and ends in a genuine and deepening experience with the One who created us, we're learning to live one moment at a time with Jesus. We are bringing our faith together with our lives, resulting in a lifestyle of faith. As our own faith comes alive, so does the longing that others experience it for themselves and our passion grows for His Kingdom. It is intimacy with the King and passion for His Kingdom that opens the door to a life worth living. The choice to pursue Intimacy with Jesus makes us Disciples of Jesus, and that new identity sets us on the mission of making more disciples of Jesus. Which, very simply put means we are…

Helping people find and follow Jesus.

Our Values

We're embracing seven core values that form who we are and dictate how we live. It is through the intentional pursuit of these heart level, lifestyle values that the mission God has set us on is accomplished in the every day moments of life.

  1. Surrender: We're choosing and yielding to God. "He is God, I am not"

  2. Dependency: When it comes down to what really matters, God has to do it! Prayer is the work!

  3. Authenticity: We've given up on image-keeping, believing that “real” is better than perfect.

  4. Graciousness: None of us has arrived! As we've received grace, we give it away!

  5. Focus: What matters most is people finding Jesus. We will be intentional about it.

  6. Immersion: We're “living on purpose” in our community. People find Jesus through relationships.

  7. Multiplication: We're asking God to multiply Life-giving people, Life-Giving Community, and Life-giving churches.